This Sunday (19), Telegram has officially launched its paid version for all users and presented its features, faster 4GB file upload and download, ad removal and more. Per 24.90 BRL per monthTelegram Premium is described as “a subscription that allows you to privately support the ongoing development” of the messaging platform.

At launch, there are about 15 new features exclusive to Telegram Premium subscribers. The app also gained seven more new functions overall and will be available to all users, including non-subscribers, in addition to “more than 100 fixes and optimizations”.

Among the news announced for the launch of Telegram Premium is the following function: converts an audio (voice) message to text. Users also twice the file download size (currently 2GB) and the ability to join up to 1,000 channels.

Check out the exclusive features of the premium version of the app:

  • 4GB downloads
  • faster downloads
  • Follow up to 1,000 channels
  • Create up to 20 chat folders, each containing up to 200 chats
  • Add a fourth account to the app
  • Pin 10 chats to master list
  • Save up to 10 favorite stickers
  • Converting voice messages to text
  • Unique stickers to be updated monthly
  • 10 new emojis to use in message reactions
  • Change the default folder when launching the application
  • Use animated profile pictures
  • Premium badges: Indicates Telegram Premium usage
  • Three custom icons to use in apps
  • Ads removal


improvements for everyone

Subscribing to Telegram Premium can be done directly from the app by going to the Settings area. Here is a new button for the service, which is handled by the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) of the respective operating system, where users can check out its main features and subscribe.

in advertisement, Telegram also celebrates that it “currently has over 700 million monthly active users”.. “Today is an important day in Telegram’s history, marking not only a new milestone but also the beginning of Telegram’s sustainable monetization process,” the statement reads.

telegram transcript

The company also mentions that users of the premium version will be able to use the features for everyone before launch, but this free version will keep updating constantly. New functions available to everyone starting today include:

  • Join requests for public groups
  • Verification stamps in chats
  • Bots can now add photos or videos to the “about” field
  • Improvements to chat previews on Android
  • auto save to gallery on android
  • Ability to send files up to 2GB or 4GB on iOS from other apps
  • Create an animated profile picture on macOS
  • Over 100 general fixes and optimizations

Also in the statement, Telegram reports that it believes in it. platform development “must be primarily driven by its users, not advertisers”. Therefore, according to the company, users should always remain the first priority.

Source: Tec Mundo

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