James Payer, CEO of Cambrian Bio in New York, proposes developing a drug that middle-aged people could take as a daily vitamin. Thanks to this drug, people will be able to prevent the development of serious diseases and disabilities related to aging.

Representatives of Geroscience are currently conducting research to create drugs that slow down aging. Many of the compounds studied look promising in experiments on mice and even humans, and some substances are already undergoing clinical trials.

Scientists estimate that by 2030, there will be one billion people aged 65 and over in the world, and by the end of the century, this number may be 2.5 billion. Although people are living longer now, this does not mean that they are healthier than before.

The best-studied compound that slows aging is rapamycin. The substance was first discovered in 1964 in a soil sample collected from Rapa Nui, or Easter Island. This medication is now used by people who have had organ transplants to prevent the immune system from rejecting foreign tissue. Rapamycin is also known to extend the life of yeast, flies and mice. It is currently being tested on humans. However, it is not clear exactly how it resists aging.

Another promising class of drugs targets cells that have stopped dividing but are not dying. These senescent cells can cause inflammation throughout the body, impair tissue repair, and damage neighboring cells. Senolytic drugs act to “suicide” senescent cells. These drugs are currently being tested in humans.

It is known that nutrition has a significant impact on the aging process. For example, a low-carb ketogenic diet may help mice live longer. However, strict diets can be difficult to follow and may have side effects.

In general, scientists are still collecting data and conducting clinical trials. It will take time to understand how geroscience can transform clinical practice.

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