Light year Pixar has an interesting compromise. First, you need to brush up on the studio’s most beloved franchise. And to do so by linking the story of one of its symbolic characters with a new maturity. On the other hand, you must offer something new. Enough to support an argument, and a review as well. It’s a double risk that Angus MacLaine’s film handles with ease. But it also does something else. This turns the film into a well-crafted, powerful, emotional experience in new Pixar locations.

The studio, which for two years had to deal with exclusive streaming releases and internal pressure, find in Light year exceptional site. Also reviving your highlights and favorite obsessions. All this is combined into a powerful, moving and original story.

Yes Soul was considered incomprehensible Luke baby and Net at the local end Light year it is a universal fable. One that uses the studio’s traditional codes to create universal allegories with considerable emotional power. He does it Pixar style. From the metaphor of loneliness consuming deep space to slow growth Light year voiced by Chris Evans. The film is an amazingly effective journey into the territory of the human and the sensual.

Buzz Lightyear, who has been part of pop culture for twenty years, returns to the big screen to surprise. Pixar boldly rethinks its own invention, avoiding clichés and sentimentality. A famous person who is destined to become the favorite toy of an entire generation is a symbol.

This is both in the film and outside of it. And this game of the metanarrative – during the reference performances – is a flawless game of mirrors. Light year not just a good film (which it is), but also a powerful journey through good and evil. For what divides us and unites us with ideals. The hero is in full formation, who becomes stronger, sincere and more transcendent.

Light year

Pixar Lightyear returns to the studio’s most profound, emotional and well-crafted moments. It is also a tribute to his most beloved work and a wonderful celebration of science fiction as a genre. This is between space battles, emotional support for a cat and the realization of maturity. Both characters, but especially the studio as a story maker. Finally, Pixar reaches significant maturity, and its characters reach a level of deep emotion that is surprising in its transcendence.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

To infinity and beyond, Buzz Lightyear finally goes into space

Light year takes the best elements of two of Pixar’s cult hits and recasts them into one sumptuous storyline. It has all the power, individuality and solidity of the way references to style. WALL-E. But at the same time, he does not forget about the origin of the character and there is an undeniable connection with Buzz, who accompanied Woody for four films. This cold and distant astronaut, a perfectionist and sometimes hostile, is reminiscent of Buzz Tim Allen’s stubbornness. To this allegory to do good at any cost and with a little irritable arrogance.

But the script is careful sublimate the conflict of a toy to be the conflict of a complex personwhich eventually must find its place. Or is it the quest he undertakes when his need to prove himself and prove his heroism becomes insistent. Buzz is at the center of his own story, and in fact, much of the first part of the movie makes it clear just how damaging that perception is.

So much so that he mated with a toy that refused to see the real world. And that, in fact, he had to forcefully learn the idea of ​​his nature. The same thing happens with Buzz, who flies into space. Convinced of his qualities as a hero, of his potential and his ability to succeed, failure becomes an unbearable failure. A push that leaves him unarmed and unable to handle the future.

And that’s when film reaches rare maturitybased, oddly enough, on a return to naivete. From his curious relationship with Commander Alisha Hawthorne (Uzo Aduba) to his hilarious disdain for his spacecraft’s autopilot, IVAN For Buzz Lightyear, proof he’s worth something is everything. The argument analyzes the concept of inevitable debt based on the idea of ​​infallibility. Actually for this Light year controlling and demanding, the mistake is a break.

That is what defines this adult film, which is also an adventure for all ages. The idea of ​​a hero discovering that heroism is more than doing great things. And that the true journey to value begins with generosity. too cheesy? In your best moments Light year shines with pure emotion. At worst, it’s a recombination of elements, which, while brilliant, can seem confusing. But in the end, Pixar gets what it wants. Create something important using the power to create ideas of honor, courage and kindness.

A celebration of all the great Pixar allegories

Light year

In the second and third parts, Buzz went far enough to find his own existential questions. After all, in style interstellar Christopher Nolan time in space is something else.

This happens to the extent that the character’s perception of what is important changes. Or what, in fact, should be the driving force of his life. Obsessed with leading his team from T’Kani Prime, he focuses all his energy, character and will on a scattered target. And in doing so, he emotionally and physically separates himself from the group.

It is then that the argument uses perhaps the most unusual of its narrative. On T’Kani Prime he jumps years into minutes Buzz is in a dilemma: watching the world go by and trying to figure out what’s going on. For him, four minutes have passed, for those who remained at the base, four years. And while Buzz does not change, the rest of his people live a serene and strange life of an unexpected refuge.

What matters when what needs to be protected is destined to disappear? Pixar is once again dealing with life, love, time and death. He does it with delicacy and pain. Commander Hawthorne marries his girlfriend – and turns Lightyear into a controversial figure at Pixar – and a quiet old age ensues. And Buzz just clings to his ideal, a simple and painful idea of ​​a goal that becomes more and more blurred and meaningless.

A harsh fairy tale in space

Failure, of course, is detrimental. D Light year turns his plot into a big questioning about suffering, the value of small things and fear. Especially when Buzz is the emblem of crystallized feelings, and time – emotional – has stopped. But in the darkest moment Light year it is a question about the future, about how much attention we pay to memory and what is valuable.

This is during a battle on the plains of the strange planet T’Kani Prime. Also, when rehearsing impossible pirouettes – pay attention to the parallelism with Top Shooter: Maverick — and dealing with his emotional support cat, Sox. Light yearit is a tale of adventure, but also of defeat and true triumph.

Light year

Time, regret, and the idea of ​​Buzz as the leader of a possibly doomed mission give the character a new dimension. But at the same time, gives it a rare depth that is appreciated. The paradox of time, love, the transit of personal stories.

everything is made of Light year, the best Pixar movie in years. And also, a kind of triumph of tenderness. All that this symbolic hero deserves, and no doubt he achieves by invisible and generous power. To infinity and beyond is not just a repeated phrase. It’s actually a timeline in the spirit of this charming character who finally found his true mission.

Source: Hiper Textual

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