Under the command of Northwestern University (NWU), the constitution was dismantled. This technology is very important, but not practical. In this case, this is not the power of the poor – its owners. Minimal energy consumption.

The operating principle of a microbial fuel cell is based on recycling. These microorganisms are small, low-quality products and contain free electrons. All that remains is to connect the electrodes and provide the microbes with constant access to water and oxygen. Essentially, dig the fuel cell into the dirt and prevent it from drying out or sinking.

Soil generator

In the new design, One and Two protrude above its surface; they are connected to each other by a channel for air supply. Retaining caps are provided here to prevent exposure to gray and hydrophobic surfaces, which guarantee watertightness even when the structure is flooded. It is known to operate at a maximum power of 41% to 100% and discharge… giving 68 times more power than past versions.

This is necessary energy, not simplicity and practicality. These fuel cells are ideal in terms of energy consumption. The technical data are specified at the factory, which monitors this beauty of the area and the environment. The earth, which they must watch over, is itself a source of energy for them. For this reason, there is also a top-level element that can be used to compose components. magazine.

Source: Tech Cult

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