In the past, Apple has been pretty good at getting developers to create apps for its devices. But there may be various reasons why they are less enthusiastic about creating apps for Vision Pro. One reason for this is that Vision Pro is a new platform with new UI ideas and usability issues. Therefore, it will be harder and take longer for developers to create applications adapted to the headset.

Another reason is that Apple is increasingly at odds with its developers. Some of the biggest tech companies, including Netflix, Spotify and YouTube, have criticized Apple’s App Store policies. This may make developers hesitant to devote time and resources to creating applications for Vision Pro.

As a result of these issues, Apple may have to rely more on the internet for the Vision Pro to be successful. The publication writes that, in fact, the internet could become the “perfect feature” of the headset.

Safari is a browser that is already available on all Apple devices. It is also a reliable platform used by millions of people around the world. If Apple can make Safari a great browser on the Vision Pro, it would give the headset a big boost. Users will have access to a large library of web applications and content without the need to download additional software.

Ultimately, Apple’s decision to support Vision Pro will be critical. If a company can make the internet a powerful platform with headphones, it could be a huge success. However, if it does not do this, the headset may not receive the correct distribution.

Source: Ferra

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