The developers of the MTS Exolve digital platform have implemented a new service thanks to which companies will be able to send cascade mail. The solution will allow you to transmit the information you need to your customers through a convenient channel for them and will increase efficiency in the delivery of notifications. These could be messages about promotions, new branch openings, changes to opening hours, and other useful information.

MTS Exolve launches cascade mailings

Cascade emails allow calls and voice messages to be made constantly, taking advantage of several communication channels and optimizing communication costs with customers.

MTS Exolve users will be able to easily configure notification settings, select the desired condition to proceed to the next step of the cascade, and also receive statistics on the results of mailing. For example, you can start voice messages first and then send text messages if necessary. In a cascading email send, you can send up to 500 thousand text and voice notifications.

The functionality was developed on the MTS Exolve cloud platform, which was launched based on MTT solutions in 2023 and is designed for fast and flexible creation of communication services by companies and developers.

“Now users of the MTS Exolve platform will be able to combine voice and text to communicate with their customers in the most convenient and optimal sequence for them. — commented MTT Product Director Vasily Sazhko. “The MTS Exolve development team works to constantly improve and update the platform, offering businesses the tools necessary for effective customer communication.”.


Irina Pecherskaya

Source: RB

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