Apple Watch once again saved the life of a user with a heart problem

The doctors’ diagnosis was “internal bleeding.”

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A user claims that Apple Watch Series 7 saved his life while taking a nap

HE apple watch specializes in saving lives. Apple’s smartwatch can save the lives of its users in more than 10 different ways, thanks to the implementation of functions such as heart rate monitoring, fall detection, sleep monitoring or accident detection, among others.

Now the smartwatch can add one more user to its endless list of registered users. Recently, the Apple Watch saved the life of a user who suffered internal bleeding. detected by irregular heart rhythm. The user in question shared his story on Reddit with the caption, “Okay, my Apple Watch 7 just saved my life.”

Your Apple Watch detected a fast heartbeat while you were taking a nap

According to a story shared by Reddit user “digitalmofo” on the r/Apple Watch subreddit, he left his iPhone and Apple Watch in do not disturb mode last week and felt so tired when he went out to eat. I decided to take a nap.

After her nap, she checked her notifications and noticed that her devices had turned off. Up to 10 alerts about your heart rate. The heart rate monitoring function of the Apple Watch Series 7 had detected an accelerated heart rate.

She took permission and lay on the sofa, but the notifications kept coming. So she decided to call her doctor and called 911 after checking her pulse and oxygen level. “severe internal bleeding”hemoglobin levels were above normal. 3g/dL when their normal level is 15 g/dL.

According to the doctors, if he had not come on time, blood transfusionI wouldn’t be alive to tell about it.

Other Reddit users had the opportunity to tell their stories in the comments. One of them rightly shared an interesting analogy regarding the features of the Apple Watch (the best camera is the one you carry with you). This may not be better than the devices found in hospitals, but it is very helpful right now.

Apple Watch can monitor heart rate, track menstrual cycles, measure aerobic capacity levels, measure blood oxygen, and even perform an electrocardiogram. There are many ways to save lives and there is no better device than one capable of saving lives.

Source: i Padizate

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