Render of Siberian photons

As you know, on the territory of the Koltsovo science city on the Novosibirsk coast, construction of the Siberian ring photon source began in 2021, and now scientists have announced the capabilities of the equipment that would be installed here.

It’s too old, all over the place, and the magazines have been demolished or complexed.

That is why specialists and workers are involved in assembling the community. At the same time, the Russian language is very popular due to the fact that it is provided by the planned experience of 1st institutions, boundaries with mineralogy and geology, as well as with a strong lack of electronics and catalysis.

SKIF ConstructionSKIF Construction

The construction of SKIF is carried out according to the national project “Science and Universities” in Privet. This program includes very large complexes, specified in the number of several units – they preferably carry out research with a unique structure, Novosibirsk SKIF on an atom. Do not use any materials (structures) or mirrors. there are no analogues It has.

Source: Tech Cult

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