Polia of the American city of Virginia-B a a a a n d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d “, which affected the protection of the filling station SVESc.

However, the thieves, caused by fans of the activities of Robin Hood, due to the fact that the shouts thrown on social networks and began to sell off the stolen fuel using abbreviations. Politics did not support the effort to find and seize them, but then the incredible began. First, none of those who accidentally bought gasoline was not injured. Secondly, the arrogant owners of several gas stations announced with Kommersants, neo And, thirdly, the public sided with the thieves.

One of the most popular comments on this news is: “First of all: praise guys.” Gasoline prices in the US skyrocketed at the start of the summer, leaving Americans inadvertently locked in their homes as every car trip turns into an expense. There are already plenty of cases of theft of fuel from both gas tanks and filling tanks. But noble hackers who mine a valuable commodity so that people can get it cheaply. brand new.

Source: Tech Cult

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