Dell launches new product line Headphones with artificial intelligence (AI) features that improve sound quality and noise cancellation. Dell WL5024 (wireless) and Dell WH5024 (wired) models will be available in the national market starting this Tuesday (30).

Headphones with AI-powered noise-canceling microphones capture and filter background noises efficiently, delivering crisp and clear communication. According to the manufacturer, technology offers great sensitivity in distinguishing between noises and human voicesprovides the best results.

Both headphones feature active noise cancellation (ANC) for greater immersion and can be configured via the brand’s app. The Bluetooth model has sensors that silence the conversation when removed from the ear and restarts the call when put back, fast pairing and 78 hour battery life.

Other features of the headphones include an adjustable synthetic leather headband, replaceable foam ear cushions, and a microphone that tilts down to answer calls and retracts when not in use. Dell Pro WL5024 and Dell Pro WH5024 headsets are certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoomas well as support for other platforms.

More options in the Dell headset lineup

Dell’s new AI-enabled headset series also includes different versions Dell WL3024 (Wireless) and Dell WH3024 (Wired). Focusing on productivity, both models feature a smart microphone that can filter out background noise and ensure that the user’s voice is heard in any environment.

Mechanism Activates during voice and video calls, as well as when playing music, preventing distracting sounds from disrupting the experience. The simplest models also feature an adjustable synthetic leather headband, interchangeable ear defenders, a rotating microphone, and compatibility with the Teams and Zoom apps.

With Prices starting from R$ 569You can find Dell’s new AI headsets at the brand’s online store. Optional accessories are also available, such as an additional USB receiver, replacement ear pads, and a charging base for wireless headphones.

Source: Tec Mundo

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