From a very young age, we are told that knowledge of languages ​​is important. You just have to see a lot apps that proliferate on Google Play and the App Store that promise to teach you English or another language in a matter of weeks while playing at your own pace. In addition, technology automatic translation It has improved a lot and it is now easy to find free online translators to help you understand a document, web page or sentence in another language. And it has google translator Google translator in English it is one of the most popular.

translation and interpretation texts are art. But since not all of us are proficient in it, sometimes we have to turn to online translators like Google to understand a word, phrase, or entire text. Currently, these solutions read you the text in the original language and in its translation, offer you examples, and even let you translate text from images in its mobile versions or entire documents in their online versions.

But back to Google, while many people turn to Google Translate to understand texts in other languages, there are online translators who have little or nothing to envy. Online off-road translators worth trying if you haven’t already. And this they will become your main translator once you have checked everything he can do for you.

DeepL is one of the most distant online translators from Google Translate.


Let’s start this compilation with a translator of German origin, DeepL, which I often use. The reason is that translate sentences and texts more natural than Google Translate. Otherwise, it supports 28 languages, translates individual texts and entire documents, and its free version is fully functional.

In addition to the natural way for him to translate texts, using for this artificial intelligence D deep learning, define language in which you write, you can quickly switch between two languages ​​for translation, you can customize your glossary for specific words and is available as an online translator and for use on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

And if you are going to use it to translate documents on a regular basis, you can opt for its paid version. In return, you will receive an unlimited number of translations of individual texts, documents, and, in addition, you will be able to choose between formal or informal translations in several available languages.

Microsoft Bing stands out for its speech recognition

Microsoft Bing Translator

In recent years, Microsoft has done a lot of research in areas such as text recognition, translation, and text-to-speech. Result, very good tools as your online translator we can call bing translator, Bing Translator or Microsoft Bing Translator, Microsoft Bing Translator. And although a lot of memes have been made about the Bing search engine, its translator does not disappoint.

Let’s start with the fact that as an online translator, along with the translation of words or phrases, he has offering sentences in different contexts. Social networks, travel, food, emergencies, dates and numbers, technology. That’s the only way you can learn basic phrases for communication in several languages.

And where Microsoft Bing Translator stands out the most is in the section on real-time speech recognition. From a browser or mobile app for iOS and Android, you can talking out loud in several languages. The app will instantly translate them all to make the conversation clear. Either face to face or online.

Reverso offers more information for your translation than Google Translate


Another AI based translator to replace Google Translate. Reversewhich also comes with auxiliary tools work with texts in several languages. First, he understands 18 languages. You can search for single words, phrases, or enter longer texts. Or directly translate the document.

But where this online translator is really good is in the information that complements the translation. For example, if you search for one word, you will get selection of synonyms. Also examples in different contexts and in both languages. And if you decide to enter phrases or texts, Reverse includes grammar check fix any spelling problems.

As if all this wasn’t enough Reverse It can be used as an online translator in the browser, downloaded for PC and/or used directly from the app for iOS and Android. And if you want learn languages In addition to translating individual words and phrases, this translator has a verb conjugation, dictionary and grammar section for French and English.

Many online translators use artificial intelligence to translate better


Earlier we talked about AI translation as an alternative to Google Translate. This is also the case PROMT.Onewhich uses machine learning D neural machine translation offer translations in more than 20 languages ​​with maximum accuracy. Result, translations look natural.

We can use this online translator for free from a browser or from Android or iPhone mobile devices. He also has his translator bot for Telegram. In addition, it allows translate phrases and texts integers instantly or just search for a word.

If we decide to translate single words, in addition to translating, with PROMT.One we get a dictionary with definition and pronunciation in audioexamples of sentences that contain a word and, in the case of verbs, we can conjugate them in multiple languages and by the way, look at the tenses of the verbs.

Source: Hiper Textual

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