The domestic company Boeing – Aurora Flight Sciences announced the launch of the project of its Liberty Lifter transport aircraft, which is now being analyzed by DARPA agents. It’s 2022 now. According to the project, it will be able to transport a payload weighing up to 100 tons with a flight range of 12,000 km.

Liberty Lifter is now ready for use in the pre-design stage. The developers pay special attention to reducing risks during assembly, launches and flights of the prototype. Here, new materials are combined into full-size fragments of the wind-powered aircraft – in particular, the fuselage.

However, the company has previously built test models of the Spanish version in a tow pool and is developing sensors to detect and predict wave heights to avoid problems when flying during storms.

The latest changes affected the tail unit – the designers decided to replace the T-shaped structure with a P-shaped one, which will connect the aft part of the cargo compartment and make the lighting more efficient. Liberty Lifter is expected to enter service in 2028. year.

Source: Tech Cult

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