With the arrival of February, the school term is about to begin, whether for children, teenagers or university students. And if you haven’t completed your 2024 school supplies list yet, TecMundo We’re here to help!

We know that waiting in queues at stationery stores can be tiring, so online shopping, including special discounts at some retailers, has become a practical and effective alternative.

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We’ve rounded up a selection of products to take advantage of the latest Back to School 2024 offers on Amazon Faber-Castell, BIC, Stabilo, Tilibra and others with discounts up to 60% on the website and free shipping for Prime Members.

Then check out Amazon’s 35 deals to start the 2024 school year with a bang!

  • Cicero Dotted Notebook, 14×21 cm 21% off
  • BIC Cristal Fashion Colored Pencil Set, 12 Colors with 14% discount
  • Tilibra Hard Cover Brochure Notebook, 200x298mm 26% off
  • Faber-Castell School Set: 12 colored pencils, 2 Max pencils, sharpener and eraser 34% off
  • CiS Trio Bp Ballpoint Pen Set, 10 Colors with 15% discount
  • Pentel Arts Watercolor: Watercolors, 12 Colors with 12% discount
  • Happy Tilibra Notebook, 17×24 cm 27% off
  • Faber-Castell Fine Tip Pen 11% off
  • Newpen Brush Pen Set, 15 Colors + 1 Blender 11% off
  • Uni-Ball Pin Technical Pen Set, 2 colors, 15% discount
  • Junior Académie Tilibra drawing ruler set 20% off
  • Faber-Castell Come and Go Pencil Set: 11% off skin tones
  • Faber-Castell Grifpen Highlighter Set, 15 colors, 20% discount
  • Tilibra 2 Hole Drill 32% off
  • BIC Intensity Brush Pen Set, 10 colors, 23% discount
  • Bic Whiteboard Marker Set, 4 colors, 39% off
  • Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Set, 4 colors, 14% discount
  • Tilibra Hardcover Executive Laptop, 103x146mm 27% off
  • Tilibra Half-Front Hardcover Spiral Notebook 34% off
  • CiS Tip Line 0.4 mm felt tip pen set, 10 colors, 24% discount
  • BIC Whiteboard Marker Set, 4 classic colors, 32% off
  • Stabilo Point 88 felt tip pen set, 2 colors, 10% discount
  • Faber-Castell Faces and Colors Colored Pencil Set 12 pieces + 6 Skin tones with 18% discount
  • Metalico BIC Permanent Marker Set, 2 colors 30% off
  • Faber-Castell Big Tire with 18% discount
  • CiS Professional Scissors, 13.5 cm, 35% off
  • CiS Basic Writing Set, 9 pieces, 23% off
  • Chamex A4 bond paper, 75 g and 500 sheets 20% discount
  • BIC Intensity Multi-Purpose Marker Kit, 6 colors, 11% off
  • Faber-Castell Trilux Style Colors Ballpoint Pen Set, 5 colors with 15% discount
  • Faber-Castell Trilux Colors Ballpoint Pen Set, 10 colors, 11% discount
  • Lettering – 60% off creative calligraphy for beginners
  • Learn and create your writing with Juh’s tips for 30% off
  • Lettered Exercise Pad A4 CiS, Karol Stefanini, 28 pages 10% off
  • Chamex A4 bond paper, 75 g and 100 sheets 14% discount

Offers are for a limited time. Visit the Amazon website and complete your supply list at a discount!

Source: Tec Mundo

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