The University of California team has reworked the technology. Lignin, which can be used to remove biofuel, is destroyed. That is why lignin was isolated from others – this is very important, since it creates the “framework” of plants and is difficult to process. They provided this information, so they should be able to use it themselves.

About ten years ago Processing method The operation of lignin in industries is necessary for alternative uses and collection of fossil raw materials. This video shows a short example of fully utilizing biomass in a zero-waste bag to avoid polluting the environment. This can be separated from the use of special technologies – willow biofuel can be obtained from anything.

Aviation fuel

When processing lignin, tetrahydrofuran is used in combination with dilute acids. The technology is more experimental than alternative in the use of technological processes of industrial production. There is no need to adapt to using low-lignin materials such as wood instead of traditional corn stover.

A total of 167 liters of gasoline equals 167 liters of gasoline at the same time. However, the upper number 287 va can also be used. In theory, this technology could help detect aircraft. It costs $3.15 per gallon, for medium-sized biotopes it costs $9.28 per gallon. In practice, there are many things that are subsidized, dismantled and used. countries.

Source: Tech Cult

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