Acquire impossible images thanks to traffic lights for light, from today it is possible. Yes, because a study by the Australian National University made it possible for the first time to two different images of the same medium It’s not science fiction, just the best of technological evolution, an unstoppable phenomenon.

Depending on which side you look at the support itself, it even seems possible to see two different images. The Australian scientists’ research clearly showed the profile of Australia on the one hand, and the Sydney Opera House on the other.

To explain this curious phenomenon, we have to refer to a technique of the latest generation that uses nanoparticles to filter the light. To simplify the concept, just think it’s kind of the same principle as the traffic lights controlling the traffic of cars. With the passage of time, we can be sure that this phenomenon will spread to many sectors, primarily that of telecommunications

In particular, the researchers used nanoparticles that were 12,000 times thinner than a human hair that formed a tiny glass. So applying the principles of the quantum mechanicswas it possible to use the so-called “metamaterialsThey are nothing more than latest generation materials, practically invisible and two-dimensional, which change according to the point of view.

In practical applications, these nanoparticles can be assembled into complex systems to control the luminous flux in a useful way, for example in next-generation communication infrastructures.

Lei Wang, Southeast University of China

Source: Lega Nerd

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