Lemonade maker Lapochka, together with the technology community Tekhprosvet VKontakte, have launched a limited edition drink whose flavor was created using artificial intelligence (AI). This was reported to RB.RU by a representative of Lapochka.

Artificial intelligence created taste for a Russian lemonade maker

Lapochka and artificial intelligence specialists suggested that ChatGPT analyze customer preferences, demand for branded drinks and product reviews, and generate a new unique composition that fully reflects the brand’s philosophy of “natural drinks.”

To create the can, the team asked Midjourney to reinvent the phrase “flavor technology.” The neural network created a futuristic design for a new lemonade in the shape of a “robotic apple.”

As a result, the Lapochka drink included the following components: water, melon juice, strawberry juice, lemon juice, lemongrass extract and lime extract. Using the Midjourney neural network, a futuristic design for the new lemonade was created in the shape of a “robotic apple.”

The product is available for order in the Ozon and Wildberries markets. The lemonades will be available for offline sale in Moscow and St. Petersburg within a week.

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  • Previously, using the Midjourney generative neural network, the manufacturer Poetti created coffee, the sales of which were launched by the Lenta retail chain.
  • In addition, Coca-Cola presented soft drinks created with the help of AI in September last year. The limited edition drink is called Y3000 and its packaging symbolizes a “bright future.”


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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