Google has started selling a physical version of its Android robot on its official store. The Google operating system mascot is 7.6 cm tall and costs 16 US dollars (about R$ 80).

The fairly simple figure is very faithful to the modern look of the Android mascot, with a green body, antenna, articulated arms and support for standing on its own.

“This bugdroid is bursting with personality and is sure to brighten up any desk or bookshelf,” notes Google.

This is another official product of Google Merchandise Store. In addition to the little robot, the store’s catalog includes a festive miniature Chrome Dino, sweaters, mugs, socks, thermal cups, Lego sets and even bicycles.

The manufacturer is not specified in the product description, but it is emphasized that the product comes with a gift box. In a way, Robozinho is very similar to the miniatures sold by the Dead Zebra brand.

limited stock

At the time of publishing this article, the miniature of the Android mascot was already sold in the official Google store.

However, if you like the collectible, you can look for alternatives sold by Dead Zebra. Besides the traditional version of Robozinho, souvenirs and themed prints in different styles are also sold here.

Source: Tec Mundo

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