system Tesla Autopilot It is one of the main representatives of the fleet of electric vehicles led by Elon Musk. It is true that competitors have their own solutions, we even know that Xiaomi will have its own autonomous driving system, but no one can do this with the marketing mechanism of the American motor giant.

An autonomous driving system that is not without arguments like its constant delays. And now, a report by United States Highway Safety Agency (NHTSA)does not leave the company in a very good place.

Tesla stars in most crashes caused by vehicles with driver assistance

Mainly, according to published data, Tesla and autopilot were involved in 70% of traffic accidents related to vehicles with driver assistance. up to level 2.

A level where Autopilot is concerned with acceleration, braking, lane keeping and speed even though the driver is in control of the vehicle. From level 3 onwards is when autonomous driving is already considered.

Data collected by NHTSA between July 2021 and May 2022 makes it clear that Autopilot is not entirely safe: from 392 collisions, Tesla took part in 69.6% of the 273 crashed vehicles. That’s way ahead of Honda (90 crashes) and Subaru (10 crashes).

Does it mean Tesla Autopilot is not safe? Nothing is further from reality. NHTSA asked that published information be taken with caution, as there are many factors that can affect a vehicle, such as the ability to transmit data telematically. In addition, Tesla is the manufacturer with the most vehicles with level 2 driver assistance in circulation.

Likewise, kilometers traveled were not taken into account, which would be a fact that could reveal to us whether Autopilot is truly safe or whether Tesla’s autonomous driving system needs improvement.

“This data is part of our commitment to transparency, accountability and road safety. New technologies have the potential to help us prevent accidents, reduce crash severity and save lives, and this department is interested in supporting you.” technologies that prove their abilities do it‘, explained NHTSA executive Steven Cliff.

Latter, Google and its company Waymo have been involved in most autonomous vehicle-related accidents.. Google was involved in 62 of the 130 total crashes, almost half of the total. Of course, the vast majority in this case did not cause personal injury, there was only one accident with serious injury, in other cases there were three accidents with moderate damage and two with light damage.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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