Telegram has launched the opportunity for some countries to obtain a Premium subscription in exchange for sending SMS messages with authorization codes to other users. The Telegram Info channel drew attention to this by posting a screenshot with a feature from an Indonesian user.

Telegram will issue Premium in exchange for sending SMS with authorization codes to other users

The terms of the program appeared on the official website; It’s called “Peer Login Program”.

Under its terms, the participant agrees that Telegram may send up to 150 SMS with codes per month through it. In this case, the messenger will not compensate participants for the cost of sending messages.

As a reward, Telegram promises to issue a gift code for a Premium subscription for a month, but for this the user must send a certain number of SMS. The threshold will vary by region.

The messenger also warned that it cannot hide the sender’s number from the recipient and that it will be impossible to hold Telegram responsible. The participant also agrees that he will not contact the recipient even if the recipient responds to an automatically sent SMS.

In its terms and conditions, Telegram says that the option is only available in some countries. The company itself does not provide a list of countries. Participation in the program is not equivalent to working on Telegram or partnering with the messenger.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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