The Central Bank of Russia announced the revocation of the license of QIWI Bank (JSC Qiwi Bank).

This happened due to the fact that the bank regularly violated Russian laws and allowed money laundering obtained from crime. Here is what the Central Bank writes about QIWI Bank:

▪️ violated federal laws regulating banking activities, as well as regulations of the Bank of Russia; in connection with the regulator, measures were taken five times over the past 12 months, including periodically introducing restrictions on certain transactions

▪️ systematic violations of the requirements of legislation in the field of combating the legalization (laundering) of income, obtaining by criminal means, and the financing of terrorism are systematically allowed.

In terms of largest assets, QIWI Bank ranked 89th in the Russian banking system. It was not a significant contribution to the real economy.

In addition, the places where the bank opens QIWI wallets using the physical data of individuals without their knowledge and conduct transactions on them are established, which creates significant risks for citizens.

Central Bank of Russia

QIWI Bank has not taken measures to reduce risks in its activities and continues to conduct high-risk transactions, despite supervision by the Bank of Russia. [ЦБ РФ]

Source: Iphones RU

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