his arrival iPhone 14 It’s just around the corner, and lovers of Apple products are licking their lips because the company’s fall event will bring juicy news. Well, it is known that those coming from Cupertino intend to take the date of September 14, which everyone has been waiting for, a little further. We tell you which one they chose.

It seems that Apple will not be able to fully maintain its acting style and has decided to advance the presentation of the long-awaited iPhone 14 to a week, i.e. four, as stated for a long time. Also, one of the leaked details is the presentation. basically onlinewith a few selected media that can be lively and direct (don’t miss the already tradition of applause and shouts).

In the case of the new date, the date chosen by the manufacturer, September 7. That’s why rumors pointing to supply problems seem to stay at this point…. In rumors. In short, Apple already has everything to offer its new phones, which will be one of its biggest supports at the end of 2022 and for most of 2023.

Four iPhone 14s expected at presentation

Apple’s idea is to announce four models of the new iPhone 14 series, two basic and a few more advanced, with additional Pro terminology. The screens of the two smaller models will be 6.1 inches, while the Max variants will be 6.7 inches. panels. Meanwhile, it is believed that Pro models will be models with new processors (A16) and more significant improvements on what to do with the integrated main camera.

Back view of Apple iPhone


Apart from that, you will be able to see live all the good things the new version has to offer. iOSThe operating system of these smartphones combines with the new terminal options that the bitten apple company will announce.

It will be the company for phones

Yep, it looks like the iPhone 14 won’t come on its own, and that makes sense as usual for a few years. On the one hand, the new version of Apple’s smartwatch ( watch 8). It is noted that this wearable product, which will have larger dimensions and a much more durable design, will also have a pro model. In addition, new functions are expected, such as using the smart watch as a thermometer.

Some sources are entry-level iPad Having a very narrow price will be one of the most striking options. This is an excellent idea, considering how the competition is behaving in the tablet market right now. Of course, it’s a separate event for this model and the possibility of a new Pro at some point in October shouldn’t be ruled out.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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