Apple’s Magic Trackpad is on sale with a 12% discount on Amazon

The best accessory for your Mac is on sale

Magic Trackpad is on sale on Amazon

HE Magic Trackpad Apple’s product for iPad and Mac devices is now on sale on Amazon. This panel with a multi-touch surface is very useful when working, designing and creating content. And its price has dropped significantly in one of the most interesting on the platform.

Normally, the price of Apple Magic Trackpad 3 is around 135 euros. It’s currently 12% off and available now 118.99 euros. Offer valid for white Magic Trackpad. Highly recommended.

Magic Trackpad

Apple Magic Trackpad 3

Apple’s third-generation Magic Trackpad connects wirelessly to iPad and Mac via tethering bluetooth. It an almost magical experience that means you never have to use your iPhone as a trackpad for your PC or Mac.

It has a large touchpad that is 11.49 cm high and 16 cm wide. Includes technology ForceTouch It’s sensitive to different pressure levels and is compatible with Apple’s Multi-Touch gestures.

Magic Trackpad

This Magic Trackpad features Force Touch technology

Have some sensors located below the surface which detects the intensity of your pressure application and allows you to activate different functions of the system.

Also, a glass surface Thus, the feeling you get when sliding your finger on the Magic Trackpad is fluid, comfortable and enjoyable.

Its rechargeable battery provides a lifespan of more than one month and braided USB-C to USB Lightning cable To charge via the USB-C port on your Mac.

Apple’s Magic Trackpad automatically pairs with your Mac or iPad, so you can start using it right out of the box.

Let’s not forget that this third generation Magic Trackpad has a 12% discount on its original price and Available for only 118.99 Euros. A very interesting offer for an accessory that will take your workflow one step further.

Magic Trackpad

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