According to the results of the independent international test bank DiBiMT, Yandex Translator became the best among other language models and online translators in the category of text translation from English to Russian.

Yandex translator surpasses Google Translate in terms of translation quality from English to Russian

Yandex Translator outperformed DeepL and Google Translate in this translation.

The service also ranked third in terms of translation quality from English to Chinese, German, Italian and Spanish.

The test showed that Translator is better than other services at determining the meaning of specific English words in sentences and makes fewer semantic errors.

In terms of English to Chinese translation quality, Google Translate is a leader; from English to German, Italian and Spanish – DeepL.

In total, the rating includes 8 services: Yandex Translator, Google Translate, DeepL, OPUS, MBart50, MBart50MTM, M2M100LG, M2M100.

How the tests were carried out:

  • Researchers have compiled a database of several thousand English sentences with homonyms: words that are spelled identically but have different meanings. The models and services translated these sentences, and the benchmark algorithms determined the percentage of words translated correctly.
  • Additionally, professional translators selectively checked the correct options, ensuring high-quality measurements. Based on these indicators, a public rating was formed.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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