On tablets, Apple developers have added several convenient modes and many tasks. They allow you to run multiple applications simultaneously on one screen. To do this, you need to use special gestures to organize the playing space.

Topic: How to use multitasking correctly in iPadOS

Now let’s look at how to automate this process and create a shortcut to switch to Split View mode for a couple of desired applications.

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How to Create a Shortcut to Launch Apps in Split View on iPad


1. download free app Teams.

2. Click “+” on the top bar to create a new team.

3. add action Show apps in split screen.

4. Select a couple of applications you want from the list and choose the appropriate window layout. Programs can share screens or 1/3 screens.

5. Enter the command name, select an icon and save to your desktop via the menu. Share.

Now you can launch a couple of necessary applications for study or entertainment with one touch. You can create multiple shortcuts for different applications and quickly switch between them.

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