Yandex invites aspiring specialists to free summer schools.

Among the existing schools: interface development, backend development, mobile development, training for managers and development analysts. The programs now include a social skills course and a Lab for top students.

The laboratory is a five-week internship in Yandexduring which students can temporarily join one of the Yandex teams and solve real problems together with them, receiving a salary for it

Education in schools occurs in two stages.

Stage No. 1, online. Students listen to lectures by Yandex experts, complete practical assignments and participate in seminars.

Stage No. 2, full-time. Taking place in Yandex offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, it will be possible to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. Students form teams and will work on projects under the guidance of a mentor.

The school program is developed by Yandex employees. They also act as teachers and mentors. The program is updated regularly to measure life.

The ability to find a common language, think incrementally, work in a team and other skills that are currently acquired in a second-level department will become more and more significant along with the development of AI. To enable young professionals to accelerate their development, we have launched a separate course in schools on basic communication skills.

As a result of the development of such forms of soft skills, they will become a significant competitive advantage in the future, regardless of profession. In IT support, skills are already given a lot of attention, and their weight will only be taken into account in the future.

— Daria Zolotukhina, HR Director of Yandex

To get into summer schools, you need to leave an application on the website and complete the test task, which arrived on March 13. If a person completes the task well, he will be sent an invitation for an interview.

Stages of selection and training

► Pre-registration: from February 27 to March 12

► Main registration and subsequent tests: from March 13 to April 21.

► Conducting interviews at the School: until May 28

► Announcement of selection results: from May 29 to May 31

► Online stage: from June 11 to July 28

► Offline stage: from July 29 to August 31

People can study full-time throughout the country. Yandex will pay for travel and accommodation in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg for everyone who successfully completed the online stage.

Source: Iphones RU

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