Today it is no longer a secret that people are learning echolocation. For this nzh lang .. ‘, to make cheeks, and shi, to catch the echo, otzhya In 10 weeks, 12 gray and 14 sighted participants in the experiment began to clear the barriers, xrrrr.

We used to attribute this ability to bats, owls and cetaceans. However, blind people also sometimes resort to echolocation for a dangerous barrier – someone knocks with a cane, someone clicks his eyes, and someone makes sounds with his mouth. Despite the usefulness of this work, at present, few people own it. Researchers-eh results

In 20 sessions of 2-3 hours, participants of different ages successfully mastered echolocation with clicks. At the end of the same constitution in the labyrinth, in what happened for the first time. Even in the near future, there were fewer clashes. Newly minted echolocators are as good as landing and almost the same as 7 experienced experts who use it? In tasks on understanding forms and locations, participants notice themselves with them extremely.

In old age, people’s sight and hearing become dull. However, this will not be a limitation – the gray at the age of 79 years old sat down to master the echo, with ххх Old age did not cause a large number of collisions. The younger students sometimes went up the maze faster, but in fact the learning went well. 3 months after the experiment, blind participants reported that echolocation increased. 10 out of 12 reviews stated that this skill gave them great independence.

Source: Tech Cult

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