Good morning! To stay up to date at the beginning of Saturday (02), TecMundo This week (February 26th to March 1st) we’ve sorted through everything that matters most. In addition to various news about technology and science, the world of entertainment and games was also very active during this period.

Samsung revealed more details about the Galaxy Ring on Monday (26) and promised to launch the device in 2024. On Wednesday (28), we reported on the wave of complaints Max (formerly HBO Max) was facing in Brazil. This Friday (01) we are talking about the court decision that forced Meta to change his name.

This was just part of what was going on! Check out the most important events happening this week below. To access each news in its entirety, just click on the links below.

1. Samsung shows details of Galaxy Ring and confirms sales start for 2024. The health monitoring device will be available in three colors and various size options.

2. Google Maps has released a function that displays the route on the lock screen of the mobile phone. Available for Android and iOS, the Google Maps function allows you to follow your route in real time without having to unlock your mobile phone.

3. Maximum: Procon-SP will analyze complaints regarding changes in flow. Max platform users have been complaining on social media and Reclame Aqui after the switch of HBO Max plans. Look at Procon-SP’s stance.

4. Dolphin Mini: See price and details of BYD’s new electric car. Dolphin Mini is BYD’s new electric car that promises to popularize this vehicle type in Brazil.

5. WhatsApp: It is now possible to find messages by date; see how it is. You no longer need to endlessly scroll through a conversation to find messages from a date on WhatsApp; Check out how to use the new feature!

6. What if there were no leap years? Understand what will happen. In 2024, humanity will experience another leap year in the calendar, but have you ever imagined what would happen if there were no leap years?

7. Stardew Valley 1.6: major free update now has a release date. Version 1.6 of Stardew Valley, which brings major improvements and new content, is coming free of charge to 30 million players in March.

8. This is the end! Transfers via DOC and TEC are closed in Brazil. Payment methods at banks are no longer processed after space is lost to Pix.

9. Justice orders Meta to change his name in Brazil within 30 days. Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta has 30 days to change its name in the country or face fines.

10. Blue whales mate with another species and produce hybrid offspring. A study revealed that a small percentage of DNA from blue whales belonged to fin whales.

Source: Tec Mundo

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