There are two types of vinyl record players.

The first is designed for the highest quality sound, so it requires very expensive speakers, high-quality replacement needles and other masses of things, some of which music lovers may not even be aware of.

The second type usually just looks stylish, plays well, supports wireless communication with speakers, doesn’t cost a fortune, and makes its presence felt.

Alive Audio produces the second type of turntable, which is why we love them so much. We especially like the GLAM model because of its shape. This is a “suitcase” with your favorite sound that you can take with you.

▶︎ Buy: 6,990 5,500 rub.


A very good combination of appearance and modern technology: a vinyl record player that embodies simplicity and convenience.

It contains only the essentials and exactly zero. Just the thing for beginning vinyl collectors.

An important feature of the player is built-in Bluetooth and wireless speakers of any type. It looks especially cool next to Marshall portable wireless audio systems.

In addition to wireless connection, wired connection is also available. There are AUX and RCA for this.

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As for the device that is more connected to the vinyl record player, it is connected with a belt drive to ensure uniform sound.

The device supports three bit rates, making it ideal for playing records of any type.

It’s great that the turntable includes an acoustic speaker and can actually be used as a wireless speaker.

It’s also interesting that the device can work autonomously, so it can be used even in nature.

Plus, it can generally be charged without problems using an external battery. This is indeed a very versatile thing!

In general, for very little money you can get a truly universal device that can be used in a wide variety of phenomena.

This is an excellent choice for audiophiles who do not want to delve deeply into the features of high-end sound, but want to touch the tube world of vinyl. You can definitely do it with this thing.

▶︎ Buy: 6,990 5,500 rub.

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