For many fans of Apple and its smartphones, the iPhone 4 remains one of the most beautiful cell phone models ever released by the American brand. Released in 2010, the device had a more compact and clean design, unlike later versions of the iPhone that grew larger and packed with features. But what if the iPhone 4 is refreshed to 2023 standards and replaces the future iPhone 15?

A Reddit user named Nate, nicknamed u/G8M8N8, not only pondered this question, but went further and incredibly redesigned the iPhone 4, giving it even more attributes to the beloved device by Apple fans. As the internet user himself explains, he used an open source program, Blender, to create the concept. Check the result below!

Created by u/G8M8N8 and might very well launch with the iPhone 15, the iPhone 4 uses classic Apple smartphone elements like silver bezels and a glass back. In addition, it retains the smaller and compact design that attracts many users. In case you don’t remember, the iPhone 4 brought a few new features and was the first device from the Californian company to feature a retina display and a front camera (which helped popularize famous selfies). The original design was created by Jonathan Ive.

In 2025, the iPhone 4 will be 15 years old since its launch, which could inspire Apple to produce the device with a new design. Maybe a commemorative edition. However, nothing has been made official or even mentioned by Apple, which is focused on developing the iPhone 15 – the model will launch with USB-C later this year.

Source: Tec Mundo

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