Yandex Practicum has launched a free course “YandexGPT for beginners”, which will allow managers, marketers, designers and everyone who works with content to start understanding neural networks and applying them in their work. This is stated in a Yandex message.

Yandex Workshop has launched a free course on working with neural networks


The course is based on real examples and talks about how to free yourself from some of the routine work tasks: for example, delegating the creation of a plan to solve a problem, getting help with a strategy for promoting a new product, preparing a text. drafts for publication, customer feedback analysis and more.

The course is suitable for beginners. Students will be taught how to generate texts and images using YandexGPT and YandexART, how to competently write queries in the model, and will be taught scenarios for using generative models in various fields: marketing, design, management and analysis.

Completing all modules will take approximately two hours.

The course was the first in a series of Yandex Workshop training products on working with neural networks. The course content will be updated periodically, taking into account updates to the technology and products running on YandexGPT. You can join the course using the link.


Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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