Many expected that the matter would drag on, but it turned out that the dispute had already been resolved and not in Yuzu’s favor.

Under the agreement between Nintendo and developer Tropic Haze, developer Tropic Haze will cease publicly distributing, advertising, selling, testing, hosting, cloning, distributing or otherwise using Yuzu or any source code or features of Yuzu.

Additionally, the creators of the emulator must pay $2.4 million in compensation to Nintendo.

Yuzu’s chances were slim in this regard. While emulators are generally legal, Yuzu bypassed Nintendo’s encryption.

Moreover, it was revealed that the developers provided detailed instructions on how to obtain the keys needed to run the games and did other things contrary to Nintendo’s interests.

To make matters worse, Yuzu has turned into a commercial project with a Patreon subscription.

Source: Ferra

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