Brazilian tech YouTuber Klenion Livio, from the K Tech channel, which has over 1.28 million subscribers, recently discovered that he has cancer and is undergoing treatment. Currently living with her family in Portugal, she explained what happened in a video published at the end of February.

A wealthy community of Brazilian journalists and tech content creators stepped up to support Klenion and his family during this sensitive time. Felipe Becker (Be!Tech), Bruno Lagoela (EscolhaSegura), Dudu Rocha, Fábio Moura (bgeeks), Gesiel Taveira, Junior Nannetti (Loop Infinito) and many more names and channels K Tech in solidarity.

The main expectation is precisely to ensure that the YouTube algorithm continues to promote Klenion’s channel, considering it to be his main source of income. You can also support K Tech with simple steps like these:

  • Continue accessing the channel;

  • Participating in videos that have already been published with comments and likes;

  • Watching previous videos on the channel;

  • Sharing videos on the channel with other people;

  • Following your social networks.

An online crowdfunding has also been set up by Klenion’s family to help with treatment. You can access and contribute from this link.

We TecMundo We wish Klenion to get well soon and hope that he can return to doing what he loves and informing the public about technology and charisma as soon as possible.

Source: Tec Mundo

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