Recently, a surprising video appeared on social media: In the absence of people living at the address, Delivery man threw the TV into the wall. The incident occurred last Friday (08) in Bento Ribeiro in the Northern District of Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Information taken from: g1.

The incident, recorded by the residence’s security cameras, took place around 10 a.m. Brazilian time. Marketing coordinator Raphael Baez, 43, bought the television online for R$ 699 and paid R$ 31 more for shipping, or rather for the site.

Raphael’s wife Gláucia said, “Oh, the man didn’t do that, did he? Did he break the TV? He didn’t throw it in the corner. There’s no way the delivery man could have done that.”

The product was packaged in a cardboard box as usual. There were “fragile” stickersThis normally requires extra care when fulfilling the order.

There was no one at home at the time of delivery and the delivery man knew it. An hour ago, the service warned that the product would arrive, but Raphael stated that there would be no one at the facility and that the neighbor was authorized to take the product. According to the buyer, the neighbor was not even contacted.

Following the incident, Raphael attempted to contact the company responsible for the purchase several times and informed him that he would be given a new device; however, this device is now delivered by another operator.

Source: Tec Mundo

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