YouTube announced that will label content created by artificial intelligence. In an effort to curb deepfakes and misinformation, the company has enabled an option in the YouTube Studio panel that allows users to flag altered content. Creators must disclose whether the video contains synthetic material that the viewer may mistake for something real.

According to a post published on its blog, YouTube has included a tool called Creator Studio for tagging videos with material created by artificial intelligence. This function designed for realistic content – people, places or events – that have been completely or partially modified or created using editing tools. A video with these characteristics will have label “Changed Content” and a small warning will be added for public viewing.

The company noted that this label will increase transparency for viewers and build trust between content creators and their audiences. Videos covered by this policy will be those that use generative artificial intelligence to make a real person say or do something they didn’t do. (deepfakes). Also included are scenes of real events or locations, as well as realistic scenes showing things that never happened.

Videos your aunt sends you about majestic tornado or tsunamiObama deepfakes or false content showing alleged wartime bombings are just a few examples.

The label does not apply to videos containing unrealistic scenes or effects created using artificial intelligence. YouTubers also won’t be required to disclose whether they used ChatGPT, Midjourney, or other generative AI in the production process, as long as they follow AI Responsible Use guidelines.

Tags are optionalalthough if they are not included in realistic content, YouTube will do so themselves.

How do we know if a YouTube video was created using AI?

In accordance with the disclosure policy regarding the use of synthetic or modified content, That youtubers You must enable the Modified Content field in Creator Studio.. This will add a tag to the rich description indicating that the video contains “heavily edited or digitally created sounds or images.” For now, this caption will only appear in the YouTube app for iOS and Android.

Exists an additional tag that applies to sensitive content. Videos intended to mislead the user about current events, such as presidential elections, natural disasters, health care, or war, will more clearly display the “Modified or Synthetic Content” legend during playback.

Which videos will contain the new YouTube tag?

YouTube video

While the tag is optional and does not impact reach or monetization, those who do not enable it risk having their content blocked or removed. YouTube has offered several examples of videos to which this policy would apply.

  • Synthetically created music (including music created using Creator Music)
  • Cloning another person’s voice to use as a voice in turned off
  • Synthetically create additional videos from a real location, such as a video of a surfer in Maui for a travel promotional video.
  • Synthetically creating a realistic video match between two real professional tennis players.
  • Content that makes it seem like a person is giving advice that they are not actually giving.
  • Digitally modifying sound to make it seem like a popular singer missed a note during his live performance.
  • A realistic depiction of a tornado or other weather event that approached a real city but did not actually occur.
  • Content that gives the impression that hospital workers are abandoning sick or injured patients.
  • A depiction of a public figure stealing something that he did not steal, or admitting that he stole something even though he did not admit it.
  • Content that gives the impression that a real person has been arrested or imprisoned.

On the other side, minor edits or use of generative artificial intelligence to restore video (sharpness, resolution or sound enhancement) do not require labeling. This will also not apply to video using thumbnails created with Midjourney or Dall-E.

Source: Hiper Textual

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