It’s nice and cool that the PlayStation 5 displays games at up to 4k and 120fps, but did you know that the device has a hidden web browser? You can find it with a detour on the menu, and in this article we explain how you can do it and what you can do with it.

On older PlayStations, it is possible to open an application that gives you access to the world wide web. However, this application is not yet available on PlayStation 5. So if you want to enjoy the internet on your console, you have to do it through the menu. To do this, open the PlayStation 5’s settings. Go to Users and accounts and select the option. Connection with other services† Choose excitement and press option to link an account. Confirm your choice on the next screen. If all went well, a new window will now open.

You can select the Twitter logo in the open window with your analog bat; Of course you also have to press the X button. Then you will reach the home page of social media. Here you need to login to your Twitter account. From this point you can visit other websites, for example, by clicking links in tweets.

Unfortunately it is not possible to enter a url because the url bar is not available. So that’s a big limitation. For example, you can make it easy for yourself by pinning a tweet to your favorite websites.

Playstation 5

What can you do with the PlayStation 5 browser?

Unfortunately, not every website is (good) to visit. We’re not dealing with a comprehensive browser here, which means many popular websites don’t work or almost don’t work at all. For example, if you have favorite videos on Vimeo, you can watch them. However, for other internet videos it’s best to just use the YouTube app.

Vimeo videos are not very popular but at least this is a website that works. You can also run some Javascript emulators inside the browser, such as those of the SNES.

Equal settings

Within the settings you will also find options for the built-in web browser. This way you can enable cookies, turn Javascript support on and off, and surprisingly prevent you from being tracked on websites. You can also delete cookies and delete website data.

It seems that Sony has considered using a generic browser, but this vision is not yet fully developed.

Will this happen in the future? Probably not. Senior Sony employees have said in the past that the browser has no place in the game console as it creates too many possibilities for hacking.

Source: Computer Totaal

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