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Three blocks away there is a very large building in Russia. These engines are intended for use in equipment and machines, for example, those operating under extreme conditions.

They were named in the device division “Android Technologies” (Chelyabinsk), the goals of replacing similar imported solutions were noted and they will offer a high temperature range from 100 to 130 degrees. Bliss about supporting builders and startups, preparing for mass production. There are no domestically produced analogues or other mechanisms.

Basically, in the second part of “Android Technology”, 30 different models were released, differing in standard sizes, and complex electric drives were created on the basis of the sludge collectors of the ATD body, which are currently used in equipping high-precision electric drives.

The enterprises also offer the customer a number of multi-medium models capable of operating on land, in the water environment and even in space – these are support-power systems, separation from atoms, robotic systems, high-speed electromechanics, as well as a wide variety of aviation and space technique.

Source: Tech Cult

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