Microsoft announced a Windows 11 update this Thursday (23) that fixes an issue affecting gaming PCs. The update (KB5014668) is optional for now, but “an issue causing some games to stop working if they use certain sound technology to reproduce sound effects”.

according to website Technology Radar, the aforementioned issue seems to mainly affect desktop gamers who use the XAudio API interface to play game sounds. While the update will be included automatically in the next Patch Tuesday, set for July 12, anyone who wants to relieve the stress of having their game interrupted you can download now.

How to install Windows 11 update KB5014668?

As an optional update, KB5014668 must be installed manually. To do this, open the Start menu, type Press “Windows Update” and Enter. Click “Check for updates” below, select KB5014668 and click “Download Now”. The rest is up to Windows.

Since it’s cumulative, the update will also fix a race condition error (when the system tries to run two or more processes at the same time) that could “cause the Windows 11 update to fail”. It also fixes a bug that blocks Bluetooth on some audio devices after restarting the computer.

Source: Tec Mundo

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