The project was developed within the framework of the audiomics concept, in which artificial intelligence tools are used to analyze breathing and cough, and are used to identify respiratory and lung diseases, especially COVID-19 and tuberculosis. The idea was born in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Breathing and coughing are biomarkers of health and disease, and their AI analysis is enabled by more efficient AI-based learning of audio data. The technology can also help improve patient care because it can measure how well the lungs are working.

The AI ​​model was trained on “millions of audio clips of human voices.” However, since the concept is still “raw”, it is not yet known when the technology will be put into widespread commercial use.

Google is looking for enthusiasts who are willing to use HeAR for their research and therefore test the artificial intelligence. “Our goal at Google Research is to drive innovation in this emerging field,” said Sujay Kakarmat, Google New York product manager for Google Research. project.

Source: Ferra

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