Famous photographer Alberto Clavijo tragically died in Mexico City at the age of 32. According to journalist Daniel Bisogno, who confirmed the news, Clavijo could have had a fatal accident while working on a promotional event.

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Although no details are given about the incident, it is stated that Clavijo fell from the fourth floor during an action regarding the presentation of alcoholic beverages by members of the RBD group famous for the TV series Rebelde.

Journalist Bisogno drew attention to the importance of safety in such events and expressed his condolences to the photographer’s family and relatives. In such cases, more emphasis should be placed on the protection of journalists and There should be no excuse for being in an area without warning signs and not properly guarded by security guards.

Journalists need to think more about their safety at these events, where they attach great importance to clothing and sound. There is no excuse for Alberto to be in a place where there are no danger warnings. The site must be guarded by security guards”, said a relative to Azteca TV.

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Alberto Clavijo was originally from Logroño, Spain, and rose to prominence in the world of photography by collaborating with magazines such as Shanghai. Later, he moved to Mexico, where he gained more popularity. On her Instagram profile, she showcased her talent while working with various famous personalities like Mónica Naranjo and sixth GH VIP winner Alyson Eckmann.

This sad news shocked the art community and fans, who deeply regretted the loss of a promising talent.

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Source: Exame

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