Yandex introduced the YandexGPT 3 line of neural networks. The first language model of the line, YandexGPT 3 Pro, works better with complex queries and more accurately follows the given response format, the Internet company said in a statement.

Yandex introduced the third generation of YandexGPT to solve problems in the IT field


It should be noted that it can be used to solve real business problems and in IT products. Companies will also be able to additionally train a new neural network independently for specific business tasks.

In the near future, YandexGPT third-generation neural networks will appear on Yandex services for a wide audience.

YandexGPT 3 Pro can be integrated into commercial products via API. Before this, the quality of the neural network can be evaluated in demo mode. Registered users have access to 100 free requests per hour.

What’s new in YandexGPT 3 Pro?

  • solves complex problems more effectively and understands the context of the conversation better compared to YandexGPT 2;
  • processes instructions with multiple conditions;
  • works more correctly with facts, gives more precise and complete answers, makes fewer stylistic errors;
  • can process many more requests per unit of time than the previous generation YandexGPT language models.

Comparison of the performance quality of language models with different classes of tasks.

Yandex proposes to use a neural network in areas such as customer service, online sales, digital communications, marketing, advertising and personnel management. The language model can also draft contracts, invoices, regulatory documentation, and job descriptions.

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YandexGPT is a neural network capable of creating and processing texts, taking into account the context of the conversation with the user. You can briefly retell articles from the Internet, summarize information from product reviews, create product descriptions for marketplace sellers, and write advertisements.


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Source: RB

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