Avito warned users about an increase in commission for sales with “Avito Delivery”, some sellers on the site received a message about this. Currently, the commission for the sale of goods of any category is 5%.

Avito warned users about an increase in sales commission with Avito Delivery


Avito sent a message to a group of users about an increase in the site’s commission for selling products with Avito Delivery. From the message it follows that the size of the commission will increase from April 8.

Currently, the Avito commission when a user sells a product with the “Avito Deliveries” function is 5%. The new commission size will not be universal and will depend on the product category. The seller will know the exact amount of the commission when the buyer places an order, the message says.

Avito’s press service told RB.RU that the company periodically conducts experimental mailings to test user groups that announce possible, but not mandatory, changes in the tools for working with the platform.

“At the moment, the conditions of work with Avito Delivery for sellers remain the same. If mandatory changes to tariffs are introduced, we will inform users with details about the deadlines and specific conditions,” Avito’s press service reported.

Previously, Avito added a new fee for sellers with payment only for a successful transaction. The size of the commission will depend on the product category and will range from 2%.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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