At the ENSCO parking lot in Pueblo there is a color one, including the Flirt H2 model, the water carrier set a new record for the length of poetry without refueling. Swiss engineers from Stadler Rail designed 46 cars with a length of 2,803 km. The record is recorded in the Guinness records.

Recorder trains are created on the basis of standard samples for the release of transport equipment to the regions. According to the documentation, you can spread out the bill at 125 km/h and present it at the 460 km gas station on time. It is unknown in what mode the train moved around the training ground and with what benefit. Nowadays, plus the car can be used to set records.

The company set a previous record in 2021, which is poetry. The waterway between Berlin and Warnemünde covered 224 km, now flying at a distance of 80 km. Stadler Rail’s verses are provided for two motorized carriages in the lower train, between two countries located with the UK’s stock and fuel cells. They only provide electricity, reduce and work in the system.

The water construction project is designed to be completed in maximum autonomy. None of the poems are intended to deal with tedious and difficult situations. It is known that post-production of 15 poems from Italian translations was sold to this company, plus there is no contract in California.

Source: Tech Cult

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