In the article celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Reality Labs department, Aim announced that it is preparing a new augmented reality (AR) glasses. The platform will be a combination of the capabilities of Meta Quest 3 with a structure similar to the Ray-Ban Smart Glasses smart glasses released in October 2023.

Meta describes the accessory as a “new kind of computing platform” that will help you connect with other people and the topics that matter most in a natural and intuitive way than on two-dimensional screens.

“This means experiences that help you sync with friends and family to work, learn, play, shop and create, as well as entirely new experiences that don’t easily fit into the way we use computers and smartphones today.” the company said..

In the post, the company does not provide detailed information about the new device, but notes that the device will offer Meta’s “best of both worlds” (virtual reality and augmented reality). It’s currently impossible to know what this new device will look like, but it may be inspired by Google Glass.

Probably, The new accessory will not replace any devices in the company’s portfolio – at least at this first moment. The Meta Quest series aims for immersive experiences that offer virtual reality with AR enhancements, while Ray-Ban Smart Glasses serve as a smartphone complement. The next release will be something between these two offerings.

No release date

In addition to not providing any concrete information about the device, Meta also did not mention any release date. Since it is an ambitious project, it is quite likely that it will take several years to be presented to the public.

Source: Tec Mundo

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