Whether you enjoy quality movies and TV series, have fun playing games, or explore other possibilities, projectors are an option worth considering!

Providing an immersive and dynamic experience in a variety of situations, these devices have become increasingly successful, from ideal choices for presentations to more robust options with high resolution and brightness for home theater setups.

And if you are looking for a projector, TecMundo is here to help you save! They prepared a special selection by taking advantage of Amazon deals. Samsung, Epson, Multilaser projectors and more for you to enjoy with up to 47% off and free shipping for Prime Members.

See below:

  • Magcubic HY320 Mini Projector, 4K FHD, 10,000 Lumens – from R$ 499.99 to R$ 449.99
  • Magcubic HY300 Mini Projector, 4K LED, 8,000 Lumens – from R$ 380.83 to R$ 329.98
  • Equipped HZ-T9 projector, Full HD, 5,000 Lumens – from R$ 1,158.99 to R$ 869.99
  • Salange HY300 projector, 4K FHD, 8,500 Lumens – from R$ 599.99 to R$ 399.99
  • Multilaser Screen Linux PJ003 Projector, 2200 Lumens – from R$ 1,099.00 to R$ 626.77
  • Multilaser Screen Linux PJ003 Projector, 4,500 Lumens – from R$ 2,199.00 to R$ 1,158.42
  • Salange N1 Mini Projector, 4K, 8,500 Lumens – from R$ 529.99 to R$ 469.98
  • Coibeu Mini Projector, HD, 1080P – from R$ 499.99 to R$ 439.99
  • Intelbras PFL 5210 Projector, Full HD, 3,800 Lumens – from R$ 1,799.90 to R$ 1,349.99
  • BenQ MX550 Projector, HD, 3,600 Lumens – from R$ 4,199.00 to R$ 3,200.00
  • Intelbras PFL 6410 Projector, Full HD, 3,800 Lumens – from R$ 2,499.90 to R$ 1,849.99
  • Exbom PJ-Q72 Projector, TFT LCD, 1,200 Lumens – from 408.43 USD to R$ 358.00
  • Multilaser Screen Linux PJ002 Projector, 1,800 Lumens – from R$ 485.90 to R$ 749.00
  • Samsung Freestyle Projector, 550 LED Lumens – from R$ 4.099,00 to R$ 3.799,00
  • Epson Powerlite E20 Projector, 3LCD, 3,400 Lumens – from R$ 4,599.00 to R$ 3,298.99

Offers are for a limited time. Visit the Amazon website and Guarantee your new projector at the best price!

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Image: Tecmundo Recommends

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Source: Tec Mundo

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