FTX’s decline revealed deep flaws. The stock market was once a rock star, but its collapse highlighted financial mismanagement and regulatory loopholes. Billions of dollars disappeared, shaking investors’ confidence. Questions now remain about the security of cryptocurrency platforms and their susceptibility to fraud. But the industry won’t go down without a fight, the article says. There is a wave of self-confidence and reform. Platforms strive for transparency and offer users a clearer view of how their investments are processed. This kind of openness is critical to restoring the trust that has been shaken since FTX.

Regulation also comes to the fore. Cryptocurrency companies are aware of the need for greater regulatory compliance. This goes beyond complying with existing rules. It is about actively engaging with regulators to create a framework that promotes “safe and ethical” practices. Strengthened security measures, transparent fund management and strong protection against illegal activities aim to “establish cryptocurrencies as a reliable way to invest.”

Despite the crisis, the appeal of cryptocurrencies is still strong for many. This flexibility is evident in the increasing integration of cryptocurrencies into various industries. Blockchain technology, which underpins cryptocurrencies in Japan, goes beyond the financial sector. Companies use it to increase the security and transparency of various business processes. Additionally, a major e-commerce platform such as Mercari has started accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Looking ahead, the road to recovery will not be smooth, the watchdog said. Restoring trust requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders, both cryptocurrency companies and regulators. The industry should seize this opportunity to address deficiencies and prevent future crises.

Source: Ferra

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