iPhone 12 may be dangerous to health and France wants to ban it

According to French organizations, the iPhone 12 exceeds the SAR radiation limit and may be banned in the country.

France wants to ban iPhone 12 and withdraw it from the market

While Apple was introducing its new iPhone 15, Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR) also tried it iPhone 12 paralyzed its sales throughout France. As noted ReutersFrench control body European Union exceeds radiation exposure limits.

The measure could be expanded as German regulator BNetzA has said it may initiate similar procedures and is in close contact with French authorities. A group of consumers in Spain OCU also urges authorities to halt iPhone 12 sales in spain.

Due to radiation levels above the threshold, Apple will have to stop selling the iPhone 12 model in France. French Deputy Minister for Digital Economy told Le Parisien newspaper.

White iPhone 12 in the hand of a user

According to French organizations, iPhone 12 will not comply with radiation rates

iPhone 12 may be dangerous

France’s radiation watchdog notifies Apple of its decision Ban iPhone 12 sales After tests have been performed to show that the specific absorption rate (SAR) of the smartphone was slightly higher than permissible by law.

The agency gave Apple two weeks to respond to the accusations, and if they don’t, the agency May demand recall of all iPhone 12s on the market. In the French country, The SAR limit is estimated at 4 W/kg When you carry your mobile phone in your hand or in your trouser pocket, iPhone 12 exceeds this figure, 5.74W/kgaccording to your data.

iPhone 12

Apple does not accept the accusations

We don’t know if Apple has officially responded to French authorities, but Reuters They state that they do not agree with the accusations. From Apple assures that the device was released in 2020 and has been certified by many independent organizations. Additionally, Apple may have already sent these results to verify that your device is safe.

Apple said in a statement that the iPhone 12, released in 2020, had been certified by multiple international organizations as compliant with global radiation standards, which provided numerous Apple and third-party laboratory results showing the phone’s compliance with the French agency, whose findings it challenged.

Curiously, Sales of iPhone 12 officially stopped after the launch of iPhone 15. The entire iPhone lineup has changed and this device is no longer on sale, so a ban wouldn’t hurt Apple too much.

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