The latest Windows update includes a new driver that prevents third-party apps from replacing your default browser. This means that familiar utilities that let you choose Chrome or Firefox with one click suddenly become useless.

Do you want to change your browser? It won’t work unless you’re willing to dig into Windows settings. Technically the option is still available, but Microsoft is clearly making life difficult for anyone who doesn’t want to use Edge.

Why is there such a restriction? Users and experts are scratching their heads. Some believe this is a necessary measure under the European Digital Markets Act (DMA), which limits anti-competitive practices by big tech companies.

Even though these changes have affected devices outside of Europe, Microsoft needs to adapt.

But there are also those who suspect outright sabotage: By locking down the ability to quickly switch browsers, Microsoft may expect some users to remain stuck in Edge out of inertia.

What should I do? There are workarounds by editing the registry and disabling system tasks, but this is cumbersome and requires administrative rights. Ordinary users can only agree with this.

The fact that Microsoft has not yet made any statement about the situation further increases the fire of suspicion.

Source: Ferra

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