The neural network for creating illustrations, YandexART, is available for companies to test on the Yandex Cloud cloud platform, a Yandex representative told RB.RU.

Yandex Cloud Gives Businesses Access to Neural Network Testing to Create YandexART Illustrations


YandexART allows you to create images for advertising and social networks, as well as layouts and illustrations.

The neural network can be used through the API to integrate image generation into web services and applications. You can try it for free using this link.

The model generates images using the cascade diffusion method: it first generates images and frames at the user’s request, and then gradually increases their resolution and saturates them with details. This method allows you to get more realistic and detailed graphics.

Yandex itself uses YandexART as the base technology in the Masterpiece application and also uses it in the browser and the market.

Yandex introduced the YandexART neural network in October 2023. The Yandex AI Rendering technology was reported to generate images and animations from text queries and “understands the Russian cultural code.”

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Anastasia Marina

Source: RB

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