A new film “Brownie” has been released in Russia.

This is the first domestic horror film in recent years based on famous characters. The horror film was shot by the director of the series “Whirlpool” and “Quest” Andrey Zagidullin.

True, it poorly corresponds to the genre, and I will now explain why. We have already watched the new product and will hasten to share our impressions.

The ultimate comedy horror film

What is the movie about: Arseny and Varya are orphans who, after the death of their grandmother, were left alone; they no longer have living relatives. They were transported from a village hut to an orphanage and then adopted.

According to the old English custom, they removed the coals from their ancestral home and moved them to the mansion of their adoptive parents. But the coals also brought here the spirit of the old house of that same home, which was not at all happy about such an incident. Now he has done everything to turn the lives of the heroes into the present day, and his strength has strengthened day by day…

The plot of the story is standard, follows proven lines and does not deviate one step from the script template. The authors decided to make a setting here based on familiar English folklore, which is why they brought to the fore an already cult character – the home. Opinions and concerns about him are different: he also appeared in the world in different variations, including a kind and mischievous boy, as well as a spirit that spoils everyone. Now they are betting on a truly cruel Creature and more.

Okay, this interpretation is unusual and fresh for today’s hero. But the problem was that the movie isn’t scary at all. And it is for this reason that he uses an insane amount of cliches. Such a film can scare only those who have watched “moving pictures” for the first time in their lives.

The main idea itself was interesting: consanguinity, faith, family values, etc. But everything collapses precisely at the stage of implementation of this idea. Boring, lazy, complete lack of creativity. The authors don’t know how to scare people at all. They only use screamers for this – just to the point of madness; screamers that only cause irritation and laughter with their sharp and overly loud sounds.

The brownie as such was never a true villain, so the writers were also unable to develop this theme on an appropriate scale. In general, they made this idea almost mainly #this is a twist. Well, then what should you expect from the picture? They are banal and give at least some wrong ideas.

Bottom line: all the scary moments are funny, the running time (95 minutes) seems drawn out and boring. Even the third person in my hall listened to him in the middle picture. This already says a lot.

The atmosphere is not good at all

The creators of the project had a large house in the state that could be furnished to create a casual atmosphere. So that consideration of the surroundings begins immediately. And they are fixated on their screamers and grimaces, which only cause a smile.

The directors and decorators, it seems, did not even plan to work on the film. Everything is so furnished lazythat not even a speck of dust is visible. A standard minimalist mansion of the rich, in which nothing is intimidating.

Most of all, it’s a shame for the good actress Rosa Khairullin, who acted as a witch in the film. Her image is so undeveloped and does not inspire fear, as if you were watching not a horror movie, but another episode of “Battle of Psychics.” Everything is so fake, it’s sickening. However, it’s just her character that’s interesting to watch.

Alas, even with a good cast, the director managed to lower the actors’ work to a level below the baseboard. Their faceless and empty heroes doesn’t evoke any emotionexcept bewilderment.

There are also few effects in the film. It seems that the authors did not have enough money, and the main horror moments were conveyed through wandering shadows. This could have been implemented competently, but… And you haven’t seen the devil yet.

Garbage, where hackwork reigns

“Brownie” is a real hack film where they decided to save money on almost everything. As a result, the horror film turned into a comedy in which you laugh not at the jokes, but at the stupidity of what is happening.

Don’t watch this movie. Such projects cannot be supported with rubles. There are many other worthy horror films. It’s better to rewatch the Soviet “Viya” if you miss folklore with horror.

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