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AirPods from Xiaomi are cheap on this offer, and in addition to canceling, they have wireless charging.


In few countries, True Wireless headphones are as popular as in Spain, and most and in the smallest number of homes have at least one pair, if not several, and from different brands. To this must be added that ANC models are getting cheaper and cheaper.

One of these models is from Xiaomi and has a really innovative price. These are Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro and they are officially priced at around 70 euros, although Amazon is already selling them for just 53 euros.

However, they can be bought even cheaper. Ebay is a store that has gone further thanks to discount code XMFANES22 which leaves them at €47 and with free shipping from Spain a pretty good deal.

Although they are quite cheap, they are nothing to envy in terms of the performance of any other model that doubles or even triples the price, at least on paper.

They have, for example, active noise cancellation capable of suppressing sounds up to 35 decibelsalthough if you want, you can set the ANC mode to turn off some other sound, for example, to be able to talk while you have headphones on.

They add a very interesting feature that until now only much more expensive models have had: wireless charging, which makes it easier to charge, for example, while working or while sleeping. Of course, you will need a Qi Wireless base to use it.


Without a doubt, the sound and sound panorama is quite dynamic, with constant new launches from major brands such as Apple, Huawei, Sony or Xiaomi itself, and this makes the market evolve and prices eventually come down, and this offer is a good example of that.

Whether you buy them through Ebay or Amazon, or just through the official Xiaomi store in Spain, you won’t have to pay for shipping, a luxury that comes with a few downsides.

Source: Computer Hoy

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